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Rolex Watches

Wilson watches is a one-stop-shop for luxury and vintage watches from all known brands. Original timepieces may not be in everyone’s range but that shouldn’t keep you from wearing a watch. We have got watches for everyone’s taste and budget and that’s what makes it unique from other watch sellers.


Find Watches from all the Best Brands

Rolex might be dominating the market of watches but that’s not the only brand selling valued timepieces. Our range of watches includes rare pieces from lots of other well-acclaimed brands like Cartier, Omega and, Patek Philippe for both men and women. Find the most incredible pieces and original pieces from the 1920s to 1960s that every watch lover wanted to add in their collection.   


Top Quality and Condition

All watches available for sale on Wilson watches are in top condition. After all, if you call yourself a watch lover, you would take care of your precious timepiece like a baby. The watches in our catalogue are pre-polished and admirable condition. Not only do our customers love us because we have the rarest pieces on our collection, but they are in top condition too. We promise the best value for money spent on quality watches.


Incredible Timepieces at Affordable Price

Rare and vintage pieces are an excellent investment but original and limited editions of watches from the big brands can cost a fortune. Go for pre-owned watches, that don’t break your bank and meet your desire to look a man or lady of class. Buy incredible timepieces for yourself or your loved ones and cherish it forever.