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Three Iconic Watches from History

Three Iconic Watches from History

Watches can be extremely impressive and beautiful accessories that allow us to check the time while stylising our fashion choices! Sometimes they come with plain, minimalist dials and sometimes with intricate fancy designs and extra features, there’s a watch for every style. Today we’re going to look at three iconic watches from history, so let’s dive in!

Kicking off the list today we have IWC Pilot’s Watch! It was introduced in 1936, and the watches that have followed in the collection have constantly impressed since then. Stemming from the Special Pilot’s watch, like the amazing Mark 11 manufactured by the Royal Air Force, it has a stainless-steel waterproof case as well as a soft inner iron cage that protects the movement from magnetic fields. This watch is by far one of the best military watches ever produced and has become an impressive collector’s item nowadays!

Next, the Omega Speed master, a classic collector’s piece which also goes by the nicknames “Moon Watch” or “Speedy” and was launched over half a century ago! It is one of the most famous timepieces around the globe. It was initially created as a professional instrument for the racetrack, but eventually underwent testing from NASA, becoming the official timepiece for them. It then became the first timepiece to be worn of the moon and managed to help save the lives on NASA astronauts during the 1970 Apollo 13 mission! Since that time, no fundamental mods have been made to the watch, although it has been improved with modernised movements.

We had to include a Rolex on the list at some point, didn’t we? To finish off our list we have the Rolex Datejust, which was introduced in 1945 and was renowned for the date indication on the dial of the watch. At first the date on the watch would change hours before midnight, however in 1955 they managed to change to intermittent gears and spring mechanisms, the date then could jump to the right date on the stroke of midnight! This was seen as something that completely changed the face of watchmaking industry. The watch has remained nearly unchanged since 1964 where they introduced the cyclops lens to the watch, but since then the watch has remained a symbol of strong character.


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