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Why is my Breitling watch running too fast

Why is My Breitling Watch Running Too Fast?

Why is My Breitling Watch Running Too Fast? when it comes to luxury watches, precise timekeeping is a hallmark, especially for esteemed brands like Breitling. However, owners might sometimes find that their cherished timepiece is ticking a bit too quickly. This issue, while perplexing, is not uncommon and can be attributed to several factors including magnetization, impact damage, and the need for servicing. In this article, we'll delve into why your Breitling watch might be running too fast and explore both the causes and solutions to ensure your watch maintains its renowned accuracy.

Table of Contents

  1. What Causes My Watch to Run Fast?
  2. How Do You Fix a Watch That Runs Too Fast?
  3. How Accurate Should a Breitling Watch Be?
  4. Can You Overwind a Breitling Watch?
  5. How Long Will a Breitling Last?
  6. How Many Turns Per Day Does a Breitling Need?
  7. Frequently Asked Questions

What Causes My Watch to Run Fast?

Several key factors can cause a Breitling watch to run faster than expected. Understanding these can help in diagnosing and rectifying the issue effectively:

  • Magnetization: In today’s digital age, it’s easy for a watch to become magnetized by everyday items such as smartphones and laptops. This can cause the watch's movement to speed up.
  • Impact or Shock: Watches are sensitive to physical shocks. A hard knock might shift the positioning of internal components, affecting the watch's timing.
  • Worn or Broken Parts: Over time, the internal parts of a watch can wear out or break, which might lead to faster operation.
  • Improper Regulation: If the watch has not been calibrated correctly by a professional, it might start running fast.
  • Service Requirement: Like any high-precision instrument, a Breitling watch needs regular servicing to perform optimally. Lack of servicing can lead to various issues, including faster timekeeping.

For a deeper understanding of Breitling’s rich history and the legacy of precision behind each watch, consider exploring "The Legacy of Breitling Watches."

How Do You Fix a Watch That Runs Too Fast?

Fixing a Breitling that runs too fast involves a few steps, which should ideally be undertaken by a professional watchmaker. Here’s what the process generally involves:

  1. Diagnosis: The first step is to determine the cause of the fast operation, which could be due to any of the issues listed above.
  2. Demagnetization: If the watch is magnetized, a watchmaker can demagnetize it using specialized equipment.
  3. Adjustment and Regulation: The watch’s timing can be adjusted and regulated to restore its accuracy.
  4. Replacement of Parts: Any worn or broken parts need to be replaced, which can restore the functionality of the watch.
  5. Servicing: Regular servicing is recommended to keep the watch running correctly. This includes cleaning, oiling, and if necessary, part replacements.

Breitling watches are renowned not just for their functionality but also for their robustness, as detailed in the article on waterproof characteristics of Breitling watches.

How Accurate Should a Breitling Watch Be?

Breitling watches, known for their precision, adhere to stringent accuracy standards. Most Breitling timepieces are certified chronometers, a designation that guarantees exceptional performance. A certified chronometer must keep time within -4 to +6 seconds per day. However, if your watch consistently deviates beyond these parameters, it could indicate an underlying issue requiring attention.

Understanding the caliber or movement specifics of your Breitling can further illuminate the typical performance you can expect. Each movement has its unique characteristics and maintenance requirements, which are crucial for optimal accuracy. For those interested in the intricacies of different models, our collection of Breitling watches provides detailed insights into each piece’s movement and design.

Can You Overwind a Breitling Watch?

A common concern among mechanical watch owners is the risk of overwinding. Modern Breitling watches are equipped with mechanisms that prevent damage from

overwinding, making it virtually impossible to overwind by manual winding. Automatic Breitling watches also feature a rotor that winds the mainspring efficiently as you move your wrist. Thus, owners should feel confident in winding their watch until they feel resistance, indicating the mainspring is fully wound.

For those curious about maintaining the pristine condition of their timepiece, especially under various environmental conditions, the article on condensation issues within Breitling watches offers practical advice and solutions.

How Long Will a Breitling Last?

Breitling watches are designed for longevity, crafted with high-quality materials and robust construction methods. With proper care and regular servicing, a Breitling watch can last multiple generations. Regular servicing, ideally every 4 to 6 years, ensures that your watch performs well and maintains its aesthetic appeal. This maintenance interval might vary based on the model and the wear and tear it experiences.

To explore some timeless pieces that could become heirlooms, browse through our selection of Pre-Owned Breitling Watches for Sale, where each watch tells a story of luxury and endurance.

How Many Turns Per Day Does a Breitling Need?

For owners of mechanical Breitling watches, ensuring optimal performance involves regular winding, particularly for models not worn daily. The typical Breitling automatic watch requires about 30 to 40 turns of the crown when first worn or if it has stopped. This initial winding provides enough energy to start the watch mechanism. Afterward, wearing the watch regularly should suffice to keep it wound, thanks to the motion of the wrist activating the rotor inside the automatic movement.

For manual winding watches or to ensure your automatic watch remains fully operational without regular wear, consider using a watch winder. This device can simulate the necessary movement to keep your watch running smoothly. Setting the winder for your specific model's needs ensures accuracy and longevity. The article on the best pre-owned men's Breitling watches includes more tips on caring for watches that require manual intervention.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the first step I should take if my Breitling starts running too fast?

Answer: The first step is to observe if the fast timekeeping is consistent and significant. If the issue persists for more than a day, consider consulting a professional watchmaker for a diagnosis.

Could external environmental factors cause my Breitling to run fast?

Answer: Yes, environmental factors such as extreme temperatures, altitude, and atmospheric pressure can affect the performance of your watch. Avoid exposing your watch to conditions that are significantly different from normal room temperature and pressure.

How do I know if my watch is magnetized?

Answer: If your watch suddenly starts running several minutes fast per day, it might be magnetized. Professional watchmakers have tools to detect magnetization and can demagnetize your watch if necessary.

Is it safe to attempt demagnetizing my Breitling at home?

Answer: While there are methods to demagnetize a watch at home, such as using a demagnetizing tool, it’s safest to have it done professionally to avoid damaging the watch.

What should I do if I suspect my watch has been impacted or dropped?

Answer: Avoid further shocks and take the watch to a certified repair center. Internal damage might not be visible but can significantly affect the watch's mechanism.

How can improper storage affect my Breitling's timekeeping?

Answer: Storing your watch in a position that puts unnecessary strain on the movement, like with the crown pressing against a surface, can potentially affect its timekeeping. Store watches flat and in a safe, dry place.

Does wearing my Breitling less frequently cause it to run fast when I do wear it?

Answer: If not worn regularly, a mechanical watch like a Breitling might not keep optimal time initially when put back into use. Regular wearing or proper winding is needed to maintain accuracy.

Can a fast-running Breitling still be waterproof?

Answer: Yes, but if the case has been opened for repairs or if it has suffered an impact, it's important to have the water-resistance checked by a professional as the seal might be compromised.

What are the signs that my Breitling needs a complete service?

Answer: Signs include erratic timekeeping, the watch stopping, the crown slipping or feeling loose, and moisture under the crystal. Regular servicing is recommended every 4-6 years.

If my Breitling needs parts replaced, will this affect its value?

Answer: Using genuine replacement parts won’t negatively affect the value of your Breitling. In fact, maintaining your watch with proper parts and service ensures it retains its value and functionality.

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