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Three Top Quality Features to Look Out For in Your New Luxury Watch

Three Top Quality Features to Look Out For in Your New Luxury Watch

Purchasing a new luxury watch is a minefield these days. Between the global brands vying for status, knockoffs being offered on countless independent websites, and the huge number of differing features and specialised tools you can have built-in these days, knowing what to purchase and how to get the best value for your money can be really tricky! Do you fork out for the security of a large brand, or focus on getting the most features for your money? Well, you can do both. Before you snap up your newest wrist accessory, check out these three features that you should look for first to ensure your new watch is of the highest quality! No matter the brand or price point, if these three features are included, you can be sure that you’re getting good quality for your money.

An Automatic Movement

An automatic movement is generally considered the highest quality and as such, usually comes with the highest price tag. An automatic movement is a traditional mechanical watch mechanism with a spring attached that will automatically keep it wound up as you move your wrist around. This is the modern version of a manual mechanical movement which would require winding up by the user.

The other option is a quartz movement, which requires a battery. Quartz movements tend to distinctively tick from second to second rather than display the smooth transition of a mechanical movement.

A Synthetic Sapphire Crystal

The glass face of your watch is known as the crystal, and you’ll find the highest quality watches have a crystal made from synthetic sapphire, which is an incredibly scratch-resistant material. Lower quality watches will have a crystal made from mineral glass or other, less resilient materials.

Anti-Reflective Coating

An anti-reflective (AR) coating is essential for anyone who will be using their watch outside a lot, as it will prevent glare from the sun and reflections from the sky interfere with you seeing your watch face clearly. The best AR coating will have coated both sides of the crystal, not just the outer face. This provides an extra protection from scratches. You can often see an AR coating on the watch crystal, tilt the watch to find the right angle and look for a coloured tint – usually blueish to purple.

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