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How To Match Your Watch to Your Outfit

How To Match Your Watch to Your Outfit

A watch is a great accessory to add to an outfit, it can tell a lot about a person, like how they conduct themself and how much pride they take in their appearance! This is why it is extremely important to pick the right watch to match your outfit, as watch lovers will be able to tell many things about you depending on the watch you choose.

Matching the formality of the watch with the formality of the outfit is a good place to start when trying to choose which watch you should choose to go with your outfit. Firstly, to understand this, you need to know the different types of watches that exist.

Digital watches – these have an LCD display or LED face that shows the time in a numeric form. The straps are usually rubber or plastic. These watches are good for the causal outfits and isn’t a priority to match these with your clothes as long as you keep it casual with them.

Analogue watches – these have a face with a 12-hour cycle. These watches are considered more classic and formal than a normal digital. Making them more appropriate for business and smart wear, as well as being good for casual wear.

With analogue watches there are 5 main types of watches.

Dress – these are simple and sophisticated, these have a plain white face with no more complications on the watch, perfect for a black and white suite look.

Dive – These were originally designed for underwater diving; these watches feature deep water resistance with a medium sized face. These are perfect for a smart outfit.

Racing/Driving – Medium to large in size, a good watch to help make you stand out, often in bright colours, with a metal or leather strap. These can be good for any outfit if you can match some colours with those of your watch.

Pilot – Made specifically for the cockpit, medium to large in size, with a leather watch and a beautiful face design. You can get away with anything with one of these watches.

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