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Quality and precision are synonymous with the "Rolex"

Quality and precision are synonymous with the "Rolex"

Rolex was founded in the United Kingdom, despite its reputation as a Swiss company. When Hans Wilsdorf, a London clock and watch retailer, opened his first London store in 1905, he was inspired to create a wristwatch that was both precise and trustworthy, and he came up with the name "Rolex" since it was short and easy to speak across languages.



Hansa Wildorf  the Founder of Rolex


A hermetically-sealed case was introduced by Rolex in 1926 to safeguard the mechanism of the company's 'Oyster watch. When Rolex was founded in 1931, it invented the world's first perpetual rotor self-winding mechanism, followed by the 'Datejust', the first watch to feature a calendar display on its dial.



It's a well-known brand, and high-quality examples sell for a lot of money at an auction. Good specimens of early Rolex watches are in high demand, and early models of these Luxury Watches for Sale are particularly sought after. Condition and rarity are the most important variables in assessing the value of an antique.






Because many sports stars and celebrities, such as Sir Malcolm Campbell (who broke the first land speed record while wearing a Rolex), chose the brand, any confirmed links with notable owners, as well as original packaging or cases, will increase the value. We offer a free valuation service and a free collection service  Jewellery & Watches.



Sir Malcolm Campbell in his famous "Bluebird" broke the world's Land Speed Record at Pendine Sands.  Approximate date of photograph: 1927-01


Many prospective purchasers of Wilson watches have the idea that they are difficult to maintain. The Valjoux 72 chronograph movements used in many of these watches are identical to those found in the Rolex Daytona, making repairs a snap, according to Mr. Wind.


Why did certain companies succeed and others fail if they were employing identical movements? He said that "fashion and marketing" are all that matters, according to Nicholas Manousos of the Horological Society of New York. Luxury Watches for Sale


As Mr. Manousos pointed out, "every mechanical watch includes some hands to tell the time on the dial" in addition to a barrel and a gear train that can be wound up. pre-owned Rolex northern Ireland is also important to present a compelling tale about why people should buy your product.




A Heart-warming Story of Faith and Commitment


A traditional watch, rather than a diamond, is a timepiece that belongs in every man's jewelry box. The watch's primary purpose goes far beyond simply keeping time. A watch can be a representation of your personal style, a keepsake from the past, or a token of confidence.


We've heard so many heart-warming tales about watches  over the years. We received a message from a man in Finland who owns a Rolex Day-Date, 18ct, Gold Black Onyx Dial. A Panerai Special Editions Militare, Left-Handed in Steel, NOS was just what he was looking for! He wanted to know if we'd be open to trading. It was around 45 minutes before he finished talking to us.

 Rolex Day-Date, 18ct, Gold Black Onyx Dial


Classic Watches were his favourite. Once he had our address, he was eager to mail his Rolex Day-Date watch. Within three days of exchanging addresses, the Rolex Day-Date, 18ct, Gold Black Onyx Dial arrived at my door.


After working out the legalities, we sent him the Panerai Special Edition the following day. This person's willingness to send his watch more than 2,000 kilometres to receive the Panerai he had his heart set on was astounding.


Panerai Special Edition 




Our pre-owned Rolex Northern Ireland watches

Since our business is selling watches, Wilsons knows how important a high-quality timepiece is, and thus we didn't waste any time in fulfilling this customer's desire for one.

All watch aficionados out there should know that we are equally as committed as this man from Finland, if not more so, to making your dreams come true.


Here at Wilsons, you can expect nothing but the best in terms of customer care. Every watch enthusiast is important to us. Because we're watching aficionados, we'll never cut corners when it comes to the quality of our timepieces. Wilson Watches offers pre-owned Rolex watches and luxury watches online, which is convenient.


They are not affiliated or supported by Rolex, SA, Geneva, Switzerland, or any of their subsidiary firms in any manner whatsoever. In addition to selling pre-owned and secondhand Rolex watches, the Watches supplies their customers with their own UKSW guarantees on the watches they sell. Customers of pre-owned Rolex Northern Ireland can rest certain that Rolex is not obligated to provide warranty services.


If you're interested in a pre-owned or used Rolex watch, feel free to look through our inventory and send us a message. Many of our other watch categories, such as men's Rolex watches, are always being updated. When it comes to selling and buying watches, we are an independent Rolex watch UK vendor.

Make an inquiry for the greatest appraisal and receive cash for your timepiece immediately into your bank account if you're thinking, "I'd like to sell my watch; sell my Rolex or sell my antique Rolex."




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