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Rolex Oyster Perpetual 39

The Best Sneakers To Go With Your Rolex Oyster Perpetual Watch

It’s no secret that watches and footwear are two industries with a large crossover in consumer base. Plenty of watch collectors love to match their choice of watch with their sneakers or shoes, and likewise, many sneakerheads proudly display their flashiest trainers with a corresponding watch. Whether matching a smart suit with a classic brown leather shoes, belt and watchstrap, or fashioning a colour coordinated sneaker-watch combination, matching your footwear with your wrist accessory can add a final detail to any outfit!

Last year Rolex launched an updated line of vibrantly coloured dials for its Rolex Oyster Perpetual collection, which has been the brand’s signature line since the early 20th century! This model is plain-faced and simplistic in its design making these coloured additions perfect for flexibility when matching with sneakers.

Candy Pink – Air Jordan Max 200 ‘Washed Coral’

The Candy Pink dial brings a subtle and delicate pastel pink which brings little contrast against the silver strap or white detailing. This is mirrored in the ‘Washed Coral’ Jordan Air Max 200 which features the same subtle shade of pink for the body with a solid white sole. However the sneaker also displays several darker pink layers and a splash of black for added contrast!

Yellow – Air Jordan 4 ‘Lightning’

The Yellow Rolex does not hold back with subtlety like the Coral Pink, instead opting for a bright and vibrant yellow that can also be found on the Air Jordan 4 ‘Lightning’ sneakers! The added grey on the soles and around the Jumpman logo atop the tongue match perfectly with the steel strap.

Green – Air Jordan 3 ‘Pine Green’

The ‘Pine Green’ Air Jordan 3 features a mostly black body with splashes of solid white and detailing in a black and white patterning reminiscent of animal print. This combo pairs perfectly with the forest hue on the Green Rolex dial.

Coral Red – Air Jordan Spizike ‘New York Knicks’

The Air Jordan Spizikes were named for Spike Lee, who wrote and sometimes co-starred in Air Jordans commercials with MJ himself in the 90s. The ‘New York Knicks’ colourway brings the classic burnt orange found in the Knick’s colours, which fits wonderfully with the Coral Red Rolex.

Turquoise – Air Jordan 1 University Blue

The Air Jordan 1 is perhaps the most famous sneaker on the market and has many colourways surrounding the colours of the University of North Carolina, MJ’s college and the home of his first team. The UNC colours match the Turquoise dial and are available in Air Jordan 1s in lows, mids, and highs, and with a choice of black or white body.

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