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What Your Luxury Watch Says About You

What Your Luxury Watch Says About You

A designer watch can say a lot about the wearer and what they are like. If you are a watch person, I can bet you’ve had a look at someone’s watch and made lost of judgements about them purely based off the watch they are wearing. That’s because we can take away so many things just of what watch someone is wearing!

Rolex – starting with the obvious one. If you have a Rolex, it gives off the impression that you are a very successful person. A Rolex watch is one of the most luxurious items someone can own, which radiates success and the fact you aren’t shy to show it. If you have a Rolex, you appreciate the finer things in life.

Omega – If you have an Omega, you like an adventure. You love doing anything that will help fuel your adrenaline and get your blood pumping. If you have a Seamaster, then you probably feel like James Bond. Another thing if you have chosen the Omega is that you haven’t chosen this watch to flaunt your success. You prefer the watch as it shows your enthusiasm towards watches and your good taste – even more so if you are wearing a rare vintage Speedmaster! Something to note when you put on a timepiece like this, is you will be faced with lots of conversations with fellow watch enthusiasts.

Breitling – If you are wearing Breitling watches, you like to get straight into business, no messing around. At a young age you started up your own business and have fought your way to success. You may have gone for the Breitling Chronomat. The watch is bold and forceful, just like yourself. Based off your taste in watches, you drive a machine of a car, which of course is kept in top condition. On the weekend, you enjoy huge steaks that are cooked on a grill the size of a football pitch. The Breitling is your trusty companion. You wear it with pride even with all the nicks and scratches it has accumulated over the years as a sign of your hard work.

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