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Two Iconic Rolexes: Daytona and Submariner

Two Iconic Rolexes: Daytona and Submariner

Rolex is one of the most recognisable watch brands in the world. Rolex is one of the first, if not the first brand you think of when someone starts discussing high-end designer watches. In fact, Rolex is so recognisable that words like luxury and expensive all make people think of the Famous Swiss Brand. Rolex watches are more than just a symbol of success and power, they are usually an investment which have a tendency of increasing in value over time.

The Rolex Daytona

The Rolex Daytona is one of the most iconic Rolexes of all time. It was released in 1963 and was originally called Le Mans. It wasn’t till 1965 it was renamed the Daytona. The early version of the Rolex Daytona was fitted with push-in chronograph buttons, before being upgraded to water-proof screw in pushers in 1965. In 1988, Rolex introduced the first self-winding Daytona using the Zenith El Primero movement, and in 2000, a Daytona was released with an in-house movement. Unfortunately, due to the reputation of the model, current retail price for the Daytonas is very high.

The Rolex Submariner

Rolex Submariner was released by Rolex at BaselWorld in 1954. However, Rolex actually produced the Rolex 6202 Turn-O-Graph in 1953 and say this to be the birth year of the iconic dive watch. The Submariner evolved throughout the 1950s and in 1962 was on the big screen when Sean Connery donned a Submariner in the first James Bond film. The Submariner continued to evolve in the 1970s and in 1979 they released the first 5 digit starting with 16800. If you are looking at getting your hands on one of these. I would suggest the earlier models, that don’t have the huge asking price of the current models.

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